Stand Strong provides trauma informed and culturally competent education and informational presentations to the San Luis Obispo County community on a variety of topics related to our work, including healthy relationships, the dynamics of intimate partner violence, preventing relationship abuse, and so much more. Depending on your educational needs, Stand Strong provides the following presentations:

Classroom Presentations:

Stand Strong and RISE educators team up to present on topics such as healthy relationships, recognizing types of abuse, setting boundaries, consent, and how to help a friend. These presentations include interactive activities, discussions, and the space for students to apply their own experiences to their learning. Our educators have experience in high school health and elective classes as well as colleges and universities.

To request a classroom presentation or to find out how we can create a presentation to fit your curricular needs, contact Sheridan Riolo at (805) 781-6401 ext. 211 or

*For more information on RISE, please visit their website at

Community-Based and Inter-Agency Presentations:

Stand Strong’s community-based and inter-agency presentations are intended for community partners who work with survivors of intimate partner violence in other contexts. During this presentation, you and your staff will get a more in-depth look at the dynamics of intimate partner violence and a greater understanding of Stand Strong’s services. If your agency regularly refers to Stand Strong or plans to begin doing so, this will give you a better idea of what happens once a survivor is referred.

To request a community-based or inter-agency presentation, or with any other questions about the educational presentations Stand Strong provides, contact Christina Kaviani at (805) 781-6401 ext. 210 or