Our Safe House is a confidential shelter that provides safety, support, and referrals to survivors of domestic violence and their children.

To access the Safe House, start by calling our crisis line at (805) 781-6400. Our staff is available to discuss options, provide valuable referrals, and help determine whether our Safe House Program is most appropriate for your situation.

Survivors at the Safe House participate in a four-week self-sufficiency program that involves legal assistance, advocacy, and counseling services. One-week extensions are granted as needed in order to complete the program. Services are free of charge to any survivor of intimate partner violence. The Safe House is a communal living environment. Each resident has her or his own room, and there is a shared kitchen and living area. Food, clothes, personal hygiene items, and other resources are available for clients who had to leave their belongings behind.

“My stay at the [safe house] was an amazing experience. It gave me the time and resources I needed to get myself back on my feet and better provide for myself and my child. The Safe House managers will always have a special place in my heart!”- Client (2015)